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Busy, modern lifestyles mean that non-compliance to prescribed medication is now universally recognised as a significant problem, leading to ineffective treatment, more frequent GP and hospital visits, life threatening situations and significantly increased costs to our healthcare system.

The Dial Vial Patient Compliance Bottle Range has been specifically developed to deliver: * A cost effective aid to to improved compliance * A simple and easy-to-use aid to improved compliance

The Dial Vial Patient Compliance Bottle Range is available in six different bottle sizes (30ml, 44ml, 60ml, 74ml, 100ml and 140ml) and 5 different dosage regimen closure options (1x daily, 2x daily, 3x daily, 4x daily and prn).

The Dial Vial range is fully compliant with the following protocols: * Child Resistant ISO 8317:2003 * Poison Prevention Packaging (CFR 1700) * Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR).

In addition, because the Dial Vial range is the only bottle and closure range to be manufactured from a single material recyclable polypropylene, the bottle and closures do not need to be separated prior to recycling which means the Dial Vial has an excellent environmentally friendly profile.

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