Aluminum Designs: The Dropper AL Shell

  • NF Beauty Group

Droppers are a large part of daily cosmetic and personal care routines, and while there are many styles of droppers on the market, it can still be challenging to create a distinctive, luxury pack that stands out from the rest.

NF Beauty has created its Dropper AL Shell, a uniquely designed dropper pack, which offers brands a striking, high-end look for their serums, oils and toners.  

The durable and industrial look of the aluminum casing juxtaposes with the soft texture of the pipette to make an on-trend dropper with high functionality.

The Dropper AL Shell is comprised of a glass bottle with an aluminum overshell enclosing the majority of the body. The weight and shine from the aluminum overshell on the body of the dropper gives a more luxe feel and look, while also providing a unique way to decorate.

In addition to the great visual impact, incorporating more sustainable materials such as glass and aluminum reduces the amount of plastic usage.


  • High-quality aluminum overshell
  • Unique Decoration Opportunities
  • Thick Bottom Base


  • 20ml L7028-020
  • 30ml L7028-030
  • 40ml L7028-040
  • 50ml L7028-050

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