PCM Provides Sustainable Decoration for Natural Cosmetics

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PCM has collaborated with one of the most successful brands in natural cosmetics today: Cocunat. This vegan natural cosmetics brand, born in Barcelona, is dedicated to creating the best ecological cosmetics using natural, toxin-free ingredients that are also cruelty-free. Unsurprisingly, Cocunat’s philosophy extends beyond simply being natural. They meticulously consider every component in their biocosmetic formulations, using 100% recyclable packaging, recycled materials, and biodegradable ingredients.

Quality and Sustainability in Biocosmetic Packaging Decoration

PCM has established itself as a leading provider of eco-friendly packaging decoration for bio cosmetics. In line with market demands and the company's rigorous standards, the development team strives to use environmentally friendly raw materials that minimize their ecological footprint. That's why PCM's packaging decorations employ water-based paints, which avoid the harmful solvents that can damage the environment.

The company's industrial decoration lines for glass beauty containers utilize cutting-edge technologies to achieve high standards of quality and detail in all its decorations while maintaining a low carbon footprint.

Vegan Natural Cosmetics with Eco-Friendly Packaging

Cocunat’s vegan natural cosmetics embrace a profound responsibility towards the planet’s ecosystem, protecting other species and ensuring our own survival. As a vegan bio cosmetics brand, Cocunat ethically produces its products with the utmost respect for the environment, making it a perfect match for PCM.

For the decoration of the EXTRA-ORDINARY OIL & THE CURE containers, PCM provided UV-dried inks free of lead and cadmium. A choice that also reduces the high-energy consumption typically associated with vitrified inks used in glass container decoration.

The result was a set of beautiful black glass bottles with white silk scree-printing, perfectly aligned with the brand’s identity. If you want to maintain the coherence of your eco-friendly natural cosmetics brand with a supplier that shares your environmental commitments, contact us!

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