PackSys Global AG

PackSys Global AG

PackSys Global AG is a world leader manufacturer of specialized equipment for packaging.

PackSys Global AG designs and builds complete lines for manufacturing plastic tubes, laminate tubes, and aluminum tubes, plastic beverage caps and aluminum cans, and decorating metal caps.

Extruded plastic tubes:

Heading machines, capping machines and offset 8 color printing machine.

Laminate tubes:

High speed production lines for oral care tubes (up to 500 tubes/minute), cosmetic tubes and pharmaceutical tubes. Exclusive Inviseam® and 360seam™ for cosmetic laminate tubes.

Aluminium tubes:

Complete production lines made in-house except the press (up to 200 tubes/minute).

Aluminium screw caps:

PackSys Global’s 6-color plus overvarnishing side decoration machine (up to 370 caps/minute) is the industry benchmark for aluminum screw cap decoration.


PackSys Global: Creating Packaging Technology

Aluminium cans:

Only equipment manufacturer offering complete production lines for monobloc aluminum aerosol cans (up to 210 cans/minute). Machines can produce aluminum aerosol cans, aluminum bottles, marker pens and cigar tubes.

Plastic beverage caps:

World’s fastest slitting/folding machine (up to 3500 caps/minute). Slits the tamper-evident band (TE-band) on plastic beverage caps after the leaving the injection/compression molding machines.

Combitool solutions:

A highly qualified engineering company specialized in tools and machines for the world’s plastic and laminate tube industry. The portfolio contains state-of-the-art tube body makers, tube headers, top sealing systems, capping machines and customized tooling.

Madag Printing Systems:

The leading manufacturer for automatic hot stamping machines for the packaging, cosmetic, machine and automotive industry.

Texa Packaging:

A Swiss company specialized in the development and construction of packing machines. It is the leading packing partner across the globe for packing tubes, cans, and cartridges.