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Papillon Ribbon and Bow gets a new look from Webpac

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Papillon Ribbon & Bow has been a worldwide leader in its market for 30 years. In order to celebrate the company's anniversary, Papillon turned to Webpac to enhance its online presence with a brand new look.

Passionately engaged with its products and clients, Papillon wanted a new website layout that would reflect its passion for its unique product solutions. Webpac, highly experienced in the creation of web sites directly targeted to the packaging community, was the natural choice to create Papillon Ribbon & Bow's new website.

The site is styled so that it is easy to navigate on any digital device with clearly marked sections that provide relevant information whilst offering clear graphic examples, reflecting the company's position as a global leader in the creation of new styles and trends.

The multi-language content is written so that it is both search engine- and user-friendly with specific keywords incorporated as the "theme" of each page to ensure that the text is optimized for search engine algorithms in addition to providing clear and concise information to the user on that specific area. There is no un-necessary content detracting from the page's major theme and each language version benefits from its own content optimization.

According to Frank Robledano, Content Manager at Webpac:

"As an international firm, it was important to Papillon to offer different focal points for a number of regions around the world. We included geo-tracking technology that serves up different flavours of the home page based on where the user is located. If a proxy is being used or we can't detect the IP for some reason, the global version of the page is used.

Another key point of the project was organizing the massive volume of data Papillon offers in its catalogue. They have a myriad of product types, styles, and dimensions, all of which are offered in dozens of colours. We built the framework using our PackSearch technology such that a user can easily drill down into product categories, find what they like, and see every single product offered in every colour available. Further, Papillon has the ability to make catalogue changes in real time in order to keep their data current and relevant."  

Papillon's site is produced using a number of complementary digital solutions from the Webpac Pack Cloud of tools which have been carefully devised to ensure that packaging-related companies can connect effectively with their target communities and publics.

The use of PackSearch allows Papillon to quickly and easily update its new website site in real time, reflecting product revisions or news updates that take immediate effect. Webpac's integrated product catalog management solution, PackCatalog, ensures that products have effective SEO content which works in conjunction with PackSearch to make Papillon's products easy to search.

Duncan Briffett, CEO at Webpac commented:

"Papillon Ribbon and Bow's new website is a great example of how well the Webpac Pack Cloud's digital solutions work together to enhance communications. The integrated software facilitates data management and makes it easy for packaging companies to control their own content."

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