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    Piramal Glass

    Piramal Glass

    Piramal Glass is one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in the world.

    Piramal Glass is a global leader in delivering world-class packaging solutions for the perfumery and pharmaceuticals businesses. We offer an entire gamut of flacconage solutions under one umbrella, making us a one-stop-shop for all the needs of our customers. Our end-to-end flacconage solutions include full bottle design capabilities, in-house mould design, CNC machines for mould manufacturing, high quality glass manufacturing and dedicated ancillaries for decoration and accessories like caps, cartons and brushes.

    Piramal Glass offers several competitive advantages over other suppliers of flacconage. These include:

    • Strong manufacturing presence
    • Wide sales and distribution spread
    • Significant cost advantages
    • Strong presence in the key US market
    • Decoration services and accessories

    Strong Manufacturing Presence

    Piramal Glass is one of the largest manufacturers of flacconage glass for the pharmaceuticals and perfumery businesses today, with an installed capacity of 1,115 tonnes per day, and sales of more than $200 million worldwide. We also manufacture glass bottles for specialty food and beverages. Piramal Glass has invested more than $110 million in creation of significant new capacity, and is among the top five manufacturers of perfumery bottles in the world.

    Sales & Distribution Spread

    Piramal Glass has a large geographic footprint, with a sales and distribution presence in most major markets across the globe. Our significant marketing presence in Europe, USA and South America enables us to build more intimate relationships with customers, and respond to their needs quickly and efficiently.

    Significant Cost Advantages

    Flacconage is a labour and skill intensive industry. Though the manufacturing of glass itself is highly automated, critical functions such as quality control need large teams of skilled professionals. Not surprisingly, the total cost of production in India, where manpower is among the cheapest in the world, is less than half of that in France and almost half of that in the US (Source: Mckinsey). With manufacturing facilities in India and Sri Lanka, Piramal Glass is able to produce glass at significantly lower costs than its competitors in other parts of the world and deliver a sustainable cost advantage to customers.

    US Presence

    Piramal Glass has a significant presence in the US, the largest perfume market in the world. In 2005, we acquired the Glass Group in the US (formerly Wheaton Glass). The acquisition, combined with our strong marketing presence, has brought several tangible benefits.

    • Strategic access to the key US market (we are one of just two glass manufacturers in the US)
    • Access to the latest technology and innovations
    • Cultural diversity as a result of movement of people and teams from and to the US and India

    Decoration Services

    Piramal Glass is committed to being a complete solutions player in the flacconage business. To that end, we have several trusted partnerships that have enabled us to become a one-stop flacconage solution provider for our customers. Our partnerships include:

    • A dedicated ancillary (ANSA), with facilities for printing, etching, colouring, coating and stamp foiling.
    • A decoration facility in Mays Landing in the US for PVC coating.
    • A dedicated ancillary for the supply of caps, cartons and brushes.

    These partnerships enable us to seamlessly provide end-to-end solutions to our customers and significantly reduce their time to market.

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