PKP presents the PSA pressure sprayer collection

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The latest addition to PKP's packaging catalogue of products is the PSA pressure sprayer. The sturdy bottle and sprayer combination provide a heady liquid stream when activated making it a nifty choice for industrial or animal spray products as well as household and garden where a little extra distance is required.

The body of the bottle is raised using a triple-foot system which both stabilizes the bottle on uneven grounds and enables the product to maintain an ambient temperature. The nominal capacity of the bottle is 1000ml, conveniently labelled at 200ml intervals with a visual and tactile mark.

Constructed of HDPE the bottle provides good chemical, acid and alcohol resistance. In order to provide consumers with the best experience possible, the bottle of the sprayer comes with a venting valve that automatically bleeds off pressure to ensure a high level of safety during use.

PKP's PSA pressure sprayer stands at an impressive 27cm high, yet fits comfortably in the hand with the sprayer lock button easily slipped into and held in place for continuous coverage.

The sprayer is also available with a foaming nozzle addition or with a brass nozzle.

Excellence and innovation are at the heart of PKP's core values as shown in the detail of the design of the PSA pressure sprayer.

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