Waterproof dispensers offer genuinely improved performance

  • PKP

PKP has released a set of pumps that are considered "waterproof". Better said, the pumps are designed to prevent water from seeping in through the aperture in order to keep products pure, clean, and efficacious.

The small pumps are perfect for a number of personal care products that can be used in the shower, like shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and others. Hence, having liquid seep in through the top tends to make the product watered-down and less concentrated. Also, bacteria can follow and taint the product. The solution is PKP's simple but effective design that effectively stops moisture from getting in.

Small, stylish, and designed to offer smooth dispensing in the home from first use through last, the pumps can be custom-coloured to match brand requirements as well as be decorated using a number of industry techniques.

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