PKP promises perfect performance with its TDP-M pump

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Having achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification, PKP is well-respected for manufacturing products of quality, and the supplier has built up a portfolio of pumps on which brands can depend. The 3.5cc TDP-M Pump is just one of PKP’s packaging products which deserves a mention, illustrating the ability of the company to meet the demands of even the most discerning customer.

Boasting a squatter shape than other pumps produced by PKP, the TDP-M has been built for resilience, satisfying the consumer with its design for durability and impressive functionality. However, whilst practicality is most definitely its principal selling point, the sleek rain-drop shaped head lends the pump an aesthetic attraction, allowing it to be integrated seamlessly into the home environment.

The TDP-M offers a no-mess solution for the dispensing of hair and body care products, as the lock-down function prevents the leakage of liquid, ensuring that the pack can be used safely within the home. Most suited to high-viscosity liquids, the pump can also be tailored to a company’s wishes, as brands are able to choose colours to match their corporate image. Superior in quality to competitors’ packs, the TDP-M model presents a sturdy design of which PKP’s expert engineering team should be proud.

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Working efficiently is a proven cost-effective business strategy for companies to reduce costs, and as an additional benefit the efficiency has a proactive effect on the company, enhancing customer satisfaction through a competent business approach. PKP works "to provide best the possible solutions to brands in order to help them create better product value". This is clearly backed up by the company's renewed ISO 9001 QMS certification and other credentials.

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