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Making it easier for brands to explore packaging options, PKP has digitalized a selection of its pump products. The pumps have been reproduced in 3D and can be color- and feature- configurated on-screen, with no special skills, applications or downloads required.

3D is a great tool to accelerate the process of bringing a new product to market and with so many people in the packaging industry now relying on digital solutions more than ever as they work from home, at the office or whilst travelling, PKP has made its products fully accessible.

Users are invited to choose between different nozzle lengths, collars and more, in order to perfectly configure a dispenser that is just right for any viscous fluid.

Click here to enter PKP's 3D catalog and configure your pump!

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Working efficiently is a proven cost-effective business strategy for companies to reduce costs, and as an additional benefit the efficiency has a proactive effect on the company, enhancing customer satisfaction through a competent business approach. PKP works "to provide best the possible solutions to brands in order to help them create better product value". This is clearly backed up by the company's renewed ISO 9001 QMS certification and other credentials.

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