PKP's DPS3: A dispensing pump that doesn't compromise the product

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As a leading lotion pump manufacturer, PKP has made an effort to perfect the design of its dispensing innovations. The external spring design has become one of the company's best sellers, supplied to global markets as an ideal solution for cosmetic products.

Many sensitive formulas can be affected by a number of stimuli, including environmental air or direct contact with metal components in the dispenser. By isolating the springs and keeping them separate from product flow, the external design reduces the everpresent risks of product discoloration or premature spoiling.

PKP's external spring design has a general output of 3cc per stroke, the DPS3 in particular adapts to an extensive range of necks, allowing it to match with as many products as possible. Different shapes of actuator heads are available, with refined finishing options that'll work with any cosmetic product.

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