Foam cleans surfaces better with PKP's trigger sprayers

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More and more household products are changing into foam-based solutions, as they are an easy way to change the surface tension of messy walls, tables, and doors, lifting dirt into the foam layer without the need of harsh toxic chemicals. They are especially helpful in non-porous vertical surfaces like car doors and windows, where the foam clings for longer periods of time, allowing the product to act longer and leave the surface cleaner. And, it has the added benefit of needing less water to rinse off, thus reducing the amount of water waste and helping the environment.

Catering to this fundamental change in the household industry, PKP offers a range of trigger sprayers available with different foaming nozzles. The foam FFT-120 trigger sprayer is a standout in the catalog, as it comes with an extra plastic mesh nozzle that produces a better foaming effect. The dense foam produced by the FFT-120 demonstrates all the aforementioned benefits, sticking onto surfaces for long periods of time and lifting more dirt.

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