Meet PKP's TS-035: The Trigger Sprayer for Automotive Care

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Automotive care requires true versatility from products and packaging alike. Reaching into difficult parts, applying products from different angles, and using cleaning solutions that can linger on vertical surfaces long enough to get rid of dirt are all indispensable for proper care maintenance. That's what makes PKP's TS-035 trigger sprayer the best option for automotive cleaning products.

The TS-035 is available with an up-side-down device that enables customers to use the sprayer from virtually any angle, allowing them to target the most difficult of places at ease and get proper product dispensing. Equally, the trigger is available with a foam nozzle for solutions that need to adhere to surfaces for a specific period of time before being swiped off. But that's not all, this industrial dispenser also has an adjustable nozzle that allows spraying at different pressure, going from a fine mist to a jet stream, making it the ultimate versatile sprayer in the market.

Meet PKPs TS-035: The Trigger Sprayer for Automotive Care

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