3rd Annual Pharma Packaging Innovation Programme London 2016

After the succession of 2nd PPIP Event Munich 2015, WBI is going to deliver its 3rd Annual Pharma Packaging Innovation Program in London, UK in May 2016. WBI focus among others on improving communication, encouraging increased correlation and business continuity by assisting the supply chain to better align its capabilities with the needs of the brand owners via a series of idealistic keynote presentations targeting sustainability from a practical point, innovation, trends in the bio drive, and the 3 big R's; all seamlessly designed to provide a unique interactive Global Event. Our pricing policy is transparent and our deadlines are always met, so you get exactly what you want, on time and on budget.

Key Features

  • Listen to the brand owners discuss how they access and succeed in new and emerging markets.
  • Discover how to get your message across without overwhelming consumers.
  • Understand how latest innovative technologies support your packaging operations.
  • Learn how to make Packaging your brand identity
  • Join speaker sessions, expert panel discussions and interact with over 200 attendees.



Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7789 1100 Province: City of London Country: United Kingdom

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