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    Our collection of Pochet Creations has been manufactured in Normandy's Glass Vallée by Pochet du Courval for almost 400 years. Renowned for producing bottles for the world's most iconic perfume brands, our collection echoes Pochet’s heritage and innovation. This, combined with our unique ability to supply and decorate bottles with no MOQ, makes Pochpac the ideal partner for your brand.

    The art of decoration

    Our on-site London screen-printing factory allows us to focus on providing a highly personalised 'atelier' service. Working closely with designers and brand owners from all over the world, our small team of craft printers bring over 100 years of combined experience to your project.

    Finishing touches

    Combined with our range of Pochet Creation bottles, we also offer a hand-picked selection of caps and pumps that will compliment your bottle perfectly.

    Sample vials

    To support marketing your brand, we stock and print a selection of sample vials. Our range includes a 2ml vial with matching black spray pump and a luxury 7.5ml sample vial supplied complete with matching pump and cap in either black, silver or gold. Both of these sizes are available to order with very low MOQs.

    What our clients say

    'Pochpac's ability to supply low volumes has opened up the perfume market to interesting small brands and helped us grow.' Sarah McCartney

    'In concept, design and delivery, the creative team at Pochpac has understood the vision, scope and language of our brand beautifully.' Keri Simmons

    'From concept to final product your creative team has provided inspirational advice and support and helped visualise and crystalise the brand.' Marie Still

    'In a world where machinisation and mass production have taken over, it's comforting to see artisanal production still taking place.' Lila Das Gupta

    'With its crisp sharp lines and weighted base, the Rubis reflects the luxury and beauty of my brand perfectly.' Tom Kosmala