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Pollard boxes produces special edition packs for personalised book publisher

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Leicester-based luxury packaging manufacturer Pollard Boxes is producing an eye-catching clam shell style pack for personalised book publisher and producer Lost My Name.

The London-based book producer, which received a significant investment following its successful pitch on the popular BBC TV series Dragon’s Den, offers a full publishing service by controlling all aspects of its product development, marketing, sales, operation and customer support in-house.

The deluxe edition pack is being produced for the hardback version of ‘The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name’ in response to the global success of the paperback edition. Using a website-based personalisation system, from a database of over 250 story assets, the customer can add a child’s name to create a unique individual experience. Each book contains a different set of magical stories based on the letters in the child’s name.

The unique design creativity of the website allows customers to input the letters they want to produce their book, preview and pay for the publication. Using print-on-demand technology, the personalised books are printed individually. 

Ian Bason, sales development manager from Pollard Boxes commented: “We are really excited as a company to be involved with Lost My Name. The company’s work is truly innovative in the world of publishing and customisation technology and the new packaging reflects the quality and stand-out appeal of the books.”

The packaging is produced at Pollard Boxes using a four colour printing process and a sealer varnish. To attract young readers and increase the stand-out appeal of the pack, a beautiful white ribbon has been added, which also aids easy opening of the product for children.

Lost My Name co-founder and chief product officer Tal Oron said: “We see personalisation as something with massive potential, ready to move beyond the existing outdated technologies in the market. When stunning illustrations and storytelling craft meets the possibilities that technology offers, we believe the results can be inspiring, beautiful and genuinely magical.”

Discussing the collaboration, Lost My Name product manager Jobina Hardy said: “It is crucial to our business that we work with manufacturers who understand how attention to every detail contributes to a truly magical experience for our customers. As such we are delighted to be able to launch our Deluxe Edition book with Pollard Boxes.”

Using this operating model has enabled the company to significantly grow in 2015 with 1,000,000 copies sold to 136 countries. The Little Girl Who Lost her Name/The Little Boy Who Lost His Name was written by BBC comedy writer David Cadji-Newby and illustrated by Portuguese visual artist Pedro Serapicos.

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