Precision Global Expands International BOV Production Capacities

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Precision Global has expanded its bag-on-valve (“BOV”) system production line capacities in order to meet the growing customer demand for this innovative aerosol solution.

BOV is a barrier pack system that consists of an aerosol valve attached to a welded bag. It is used for aerosol products that must be separated from the propellant and higher viscosity formulations, such as with depilatory product, oils, shaving and shower gels, and sun-care products.

Precision has made significant investments in a dedicated BOV production cell at its French facility in Paris (“Precision France”). The closed, temperature-controlled cell is seamlessly integrated with a quality control and customization lab.

Having BOV specific sales, lab services, production, quality control and logistics support all under one roof at Precision France means customers can enjoy greater convenience, fast processes, speedier customizations, and more efficient delivery.

With the Precision France BOV line fully up and ready for mass production, Precision is pleased to offer increased production capacities across all bag formats (50 ml to over 300 ml) with standard or long stems.

Precision is constantly growing and investing in the latest modern equipment in order to be an even better partner, prepared to meet current and future customer demand as the BOV market continues to widen. Further expansion of Precision’s BOV line is already underway, as another state-of-the-art line is currently being transported to Precision North America’s facility in Greenville, SC.

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