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    Preco Corporation

    Preco Corporation

    Preco Corporation has been focused on decoration technology for more than 3 decades. Its major services include: Heat Transfer Foil, Hot-Stamping Foil, and In-Mold Foil (IMD/IML).

    We are located in Osaka, Japan and have more than 30 years of experience in the surface decoration industry supplying 100% Custom-made Heat transfer and Hot-stamping foils.

    Throughout the course of history, we have been working with World-leading companies in the fields of Personal care, Writing instrument, Electric home appliance, Cosmetic packaging...etc. building know-how and confidence in color matching, state-of-the-art die-making, printing and back-up services.

    Our goal is to be your decoration consultant.

    We would like to assist you to make your idea real by finding the best solutions together considering ideal finished image, production quantity, lead-time and price.

    We offer variety of decoration choices including heat transfer foils, hot-stamping foils and IMD/IML. Our goal is to realize the true color image & nuance of the original designs in designer's each imagination.

    Our foils are used in variety of industries including stationery, cosmetics, oral care, consumer electronics, automobile…etc. and applicable for products which require multi-colored decoration or decoration with some special effects.