Premium Pack Ltd.’s ABS coated sleeve cap benefits brands and consumers

As brands turn more and more to companies that provide environmentally friendly products and production processes, Premium Pack provides the ABS coated sleeve disc-top cap as a solution. The cap is ideal for cosmetic companies that want to enhance their own "green" credentials by incorporating packaging that amplifies their conservational values.
The production of the caps in ABS is far more effective than production of the same caps in aluminum. The production process involves less steps than aluminum coated sleeve caps, which means that the caps benefit from a reduced environmental footprint and when the product is depleted, it is easy to recycle the cap. With reduced processing required, ABS caps can be manufactured quickly and therefore supplied faster.
For the consumer, the ABS disc provides a safe, smooth plane for the finger that is both easy to push open without exerting excessive force and soft to the touch with a flush, silky finish. The aperture too benefits a smooth, clear-cut edge that cannot contaminate the product when it is dispensed.
The color can be chosen to complement branding and the ABS poses no threat of color contamination over time, ensuring that the branding stays true to its correct coloring from the moment of production. Furthermore, Premium Pack can color-match the same shades over again to ensure that further product batches will also be produced in exactly the same color. The ABS outer can also be finished with a matt or gloss metallic look.

Premium Pack's ABS coated sleeve disc-top cap is the ideal closure for lotion, hair cleansing, skin care and most types of personal care product, and can be decorated to offer the perfect finish.

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