Premium Pack releases all-plastic mist sprayers for otological treatments

  • Premium Pack Ltd.

Premium Pack has released all-plastic mist sprayers for otological sprays, now available in 15ml and 30ml capacities. FDA-approved, the sprayers are made of 100% plastic, a safe packaging solution for pharmaceutical purposes free of metal component contamination and comfortable for use by consumers with problems relating to the ear.

The bottle itself is made using a highly precise injection blow molding method with absolutely accurate dimensions compared to other standard blowing components, whilst the mist sprayer is tightly locked by a well-secured snap closure and ensures product hygiene and safety. Different from standard screw neck finishes, the snap-on closure disables any possibility to open the product.

Made of 100% plastic parts, the mist sprayer avoids any hazardous influence with metal component. There is a specially designed applicator made in extremely soft plastic for better engagement for ear treatment. All raw materials selected to product this ear sprayer are FDA approved in pharmaceutical standards.

For decades, Premium Pack has devoted itself in professional packaging solution serving pharmaceutical market. One of its major tasks is to ensure tailored-made solution be available and ready to be opt for immediate launch. The company is capable to work with clients directly to develop and design components to meet specific requirements. With its knowhow, passion, and inspiration, Premium Pack is a packaging provider supplies one of a kind, premium packaging service.

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