Packaging dropper with specific features: childproof, tamper evident seal, and bamboo collar

  • Premium Pack Ltd.

With a focus on being unique, Premium Pack enjoys the reputation of providing most fit-in packaging solution. Premium Pack has recently introduced further packaging dropper options for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets, and these include childproof closure, tamper evidence seal, bamboo collar to serve different product purposes.

Specification and options of droppers with silicone bulb, glass pipette:

  • 18 Bamboo dropper (dropper with bamboo collar)
  • 18 CRC dropper (childproof child resistant closure)
  • 18 TE dropper (temper-evidence closure)
  • 18 CRT & TE droppers (childproof with temper-evidence closure)

Premium Pack consistently focuses upon providing better packaging solutions for a wide range of consumer businesses. With its restless effort in packaging design and development, Premium Pack has helped numerous brands with professional packaging services in Asia, South America, and Europe.

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