Premium Pack's complete selection of different spatula styles

Premium Pack's complete selection of different spatula styles

  • Metallic, plastic or combination materials spatulas.
  • Classic or custom made shapes,
  • Various colors and size.
  • Essential tools of Beauty

Acrylic Spatula
MA/PMMA. Coated. 77 mm length, 13 mm wide applicator and 10 mm diameter ball.  

Metal (zinc) or plastic spatula with zinc ball
100 mm length with 12 mm diameter ball zinc spatula. Elegant curved shape.

Metal - Zinc Spatula
60 mm length, 10 mm the widest end and 5 mm the other end with a 2 mm hole.

Plastic Spatula - PP Applicator with Zinc Ball
Elegant curved applicator with hot stamping decoration. 95 mm length with aprox 20 cm diameter ball - custom shaped ball.

PP Applicator with Zinc Ball
Simple shape, 56mm length with 10mm zinc ball.

Plastic PP / PS Spatula
Any injection color is possible. Generous decoration area. 60 mm length, 10 cm to 3 mm wide and 1 mm thickness.

PP Spatula
Coated with metallic color ink. 60 mm length and 7 mm wide side. 2 mm thickness.

Zinc Spatula with Massage Rolling Ball
With plastic ornament. 75 mm length with oval shape ball.

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