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More than ever our skin needs tender care. Nowadays, the hygiene regiment and use of protective apparel - when needed, raise the stress levels placed upon the human's body largest organ, and this calls for a dedicated beauty routine.

The partnership between hygiene and skin care treatments is no longer a frivolous slogan for any age, gender, and culture. The different factors of the outside physical-chemical elements, emotions and rationality, all leave their mark on the skin and around the eyes. Efficient packaging for your eye cream that is easy to use and ensures a precise application whilst light in weight and easy to find in your bag is now available in Premium Pack's 15ml Syringe Airless Packaging.

Combining an innovative appearance with a functional application, the Syringe Airless Packaging is ideal for eyes and lip creams, enabling an accurate local application - whilst ensuring consistent application for each use - and evoking a medical feel. The nozzle features a protective silicon hood to safeguard the formula. This benefits Organic skincare, Dermatocosmetics, and Medical formulas that require repeated use of a controlled dosage. It also suits the fields of Pharmaceuticals and Makeup.

The Syringe Airless Packaging is offered with a clear outer tube, white inner tube, silicon hood and clear cap as standard. Customized color and printing are available.

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