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Quality Control and Premium Pack Supply Chain Management

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Premium Pack Supply Chain Management has over 30 years of experience in packaging. A web of reliable international partnerships, a multicultural team of professionals, and clients worldwide build a strong reputation as a company of high-quality standards. Chief Marketing Officer Daniela Cosar speaks to Webpackaging about Premium Pack Supply Chain Management and its developments in quality control.

What is unique about Premium Pack Ltd.’s services?

I’d like to address something very important in the industry right now. The current business environment in our Asia-Pacific business region: most foreign packaging professionals have left during the pandemic, and most foreign packaging trading companies can't send people with expertise to China for QC purposes and product development! What sets us apart is that we are there, on-site, to assist such companies. We act as your office in China.

Moreover, our New Products Development Process is considerably faster these days. This is because there is less work for the local production chains, starting with the tool makers. We assure the same fast timeline for Production and Delivery. We have the specialty to support our customers at every stage of the supply chain, delivering tailored-designed, cost-effective, and on-time packaging solutions.

As Supply Chain Management, we provide a wide range of professional services achieving a sustainable flow of products, processes, and capital to provide maximum value. We are welcoming our clients as team members.

What Quality Control measures does Premium Pack Ltd take?

Quality Control is critical. We have a hands-on relationship with our manufacturers, with regular site visits and collaborations to ensure best practices and the highest-quality outcomes for our clients. In addition, we test the accuracy of the manufacturing, functionality, performance, and reliability with dedicated equipment and trained operators. Our In-house Quality Control Laboratory executes various specialized testing using dedicated equipment, assisted by our quality control specialists. We can even make live testing for clients.

Why is Quality Control so crucial to Premium Pack Ltd?

Imagine your luxury perfume pump is malfunctioning... It is not the packaging company but the brand that will lose face in the eye of the consumer. It is imperative for us to support and enhance a brand’s reputation and this is reflected in the pride we take in our products and services. At Premium Pack Ltd we see the brand as the smile and ourselves as the dancing ballerina.

Many of your partnerships are based in China. How were you able to maintain your quality standards during the recent lockdown?

Throughout the pandemic, Premium Pack never closed its doors and was able to honor all orders despite restrictions. A decade ago, we took on the big challenge of building our office and our local team of businesspeople. So, when the pandemic came, we already existed and were prepared for any type of business crisis. We understood firsthand from our local partners, both in manufacturing and trading, how every aspect was impacting the people, the cost and the time. Our clients benefited in real-time from the feedback regarding the unfolding projects and were always offered the first best strategy and options if the parameters of the business environment shifted. As significant as it was, the pandemic's beginning demanded from us a new perspective on Agility as a method. We can currently offer our clients 45 days maximum delivery time.

During the pandemic, we moved to a larger office. We expanded the team, adding more bodies in sales, accounting, marketing, and engineering while acquiring our in-house operational Quality Control Laboratory. We were able to use this time of unencountered hardship for everyone to further invest in both the company and innovative solutions.

What are Premium Pack Ltd.’s plans upcoming plans?

Our constant development is rooted in listening effectively to our clients and our future plans revolve around their needs. We are transitioning through the era of hybrid materials, where PCR is in high demand. One of the main trends in the global target of a 100% waste-free world is replacing plastic from packaging. At the same time, Sustainability is an approach that must find a way to be implemented throughout the entire life cycle of a product. Premium Pack Ltd. has developed a high-quality PCR-PET material based on recycled PET. 50% PCR-PET can sustain and maintain a steady supply, and very soon, this year, 100% PCR-PET will be ready for production. We have prepared solutions for the gradual replacement of plastic from packaging, and as a supply chain, sustainability stands as a critical methodology.

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