The PCR Foaming Pump

  • Premium Pack Ltd.

Premium Pack Ltd. has made many advancements in its use of PCR for cosmetic and personal care packaging, with the recent effective 50%- 100% PCR PET range. Now we can see PCR practices used for dispensing closures, such as The PCR Foaming Pump.

The PCR Foaming Pump is available in standard colors grey and black. The neutral classic design of the pump means it can be is easily paired with bottles of all colors and designs.

The higher the PCR content the closer we are to becoming a circular economy. Premium Pack has been honing in on PCR production and preparing for the gradual replacement of virgin plastic from packaging. Premium Pack Ltd. has demonstrated with the PCR Foaming Pump, that integral and more complex parts of packaging can also be completed using PCR.

The use of a foaming pump, as opposed to a traditional pump, means the customer uses less of the product and the formula itself requires less water.

Contact Premium Pack Ltd for more eco-friendly packaging solutions.

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