Glass Airless Pouch Dispenser

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Premium Pack’s Glass Airless Pouch Dispenser presents brands with a unique opportunity for a sophisticated, affordable, and sustainable airless dispensing system.

The pack consists of a pouch blown into a weighted glass bottle, giving you a classic, high-quality feel combined with modern technology. Using glass, Premium Pack has achieved a sustainable and precious result, ideal for eco-conscious cosmetic brands.

Using glass bottles as a mold, you can achieve all shapes of glass bottles from round, oval, square, rectangular, and nearly all sizes regarding volume and neck.

The high value of this product can be further improved by the inner or outer lacquering decoration technique, specifically developed to enhance the beauty of the bottle for a higher brand positioning.

Airless Pouch

Many airless solutions on the market use a conventional dip tube design; however, Premium Pack has opted for an innovative pouch. Each time the airless system dispenses a product dose, the pouch collapses gradually. As a result, there is no air return into the pouch, thus preserving the formula's integrity.

The pouch protects the product in several ways by creating an extreme oxygen barrier without any metal contact with the formula. This improves the consumer experience by minimizing the chance of contamination, allowing for a more hygienic application and for brands to use more active natural ingredients.

As the pouch collapses, this naturally encourages more of the product towards the dispensing point, increasing the amount of overall product usage. As the pouch does not rely on gravity in the same way as a dip tube, the Glass Airless Pouch Dispenser can be used from any angle with 360° dispensing.


  • Extreme Oxygen Barrier
  • High Recipe Protection
  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Optimal Restitution of more than 98%
  • Suitable for Low and High Viscosities
  • Dispenses in any position
  • Self Priming
  • Pouch available in different plastic materials
  • Easy atmospheric filling
  • No metal contact with the product

Take the opportunity to see Premium Pack’s latest innovations and sustainable solutions at Packaging Innovations & EMPACK Birmingham 2023. Showcasing the Glass Airless Pouch Dispenser, you will find the team at booth K19 at the Birmingham NEC on the 15th and 16th of February.

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