Frosted Glass Packaging: Elegant Pink and Amber

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Premium Pack Ltd provides brands with the latest sustainable and high-quality packaging solutions. Glass packaging has become an increasingly popular choice for cosmetics and personal care products, for its recyclability and luxurious feel.

Premium Pack takes the trend a step further, offering glass packaging in various styles and finishes, making your brand more distinguished on the shelves. Frosted glass packs are available in full or gradient colors to create a sophisticated look, such as elegant misty pink or amber.

These colored frosted packs come in a range of sizes and functions including jars, droppers and bottles. Each piece is easily paired with closures like pumps, caps, lids and pipettes which can be made from plastic, PCR or even aluminum. The versatility of the range means you can find a pack to suit your cosmetic packaging need, or even multiple pieces to build your own uniform product range.

The decoration doesn’t end with frosting the glass, as bottles and jars can be printed, labeled and can use gradient styling, with a choice of frosted or shiny finishes. Closures can also be customized with printed or embossed brand identity elements, and custom molds can be created for additional features on the glass packaging.

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