Metal-Free Mono-Material Airless PP Pumps and Bottles With PCR Alternatives

  • Premium Pack Ltd.

Metal free, 100% mono-material, recyclable and airless!

Premium Pack Ltd is on a mission to provide the latest high-quality sustainable packaging solutions for cosmetic, personal care and health care brands.

Premium Pack’s mono-material airless packaging comes in both recyclable PP mono material bottles, pumps and caps, as well as PCR alternatives.

Each option offers up a metal-free pathway for formulas, preventing contamination or unwanted reactions, all the while providing the airless protection brands require to enhance and preserve the product inside.

The pump head uses sleek, curved, versatile design with straight cylindrical bottles that can facilitate a clear generous space for branding and decoration. Bottles are ideal for a range of products coming in portable 50ml to larger 100ml and 150ml options.

For more information of mono-material PP packaging and PCR alternatives, contact Premium Pack Ltd

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