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Holy wood for a Holy Kiss, Pujolasos partners with Beso Beach to showcase the beauty in simplicity

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Packaging is a fundamental element in the perfume industry: it allows brands to transmit both their core values and the sensations they want customers to experience. It is the shell that projects wishes and aspirations. That’s why it is essential to choose the appropriate materials, qualities, and designs.

At Pujolasos we always work with wood because we know it's an incredibly versatile and 100% sustainable material. With it, we can deliver premium, durable, and sophisticated looks able to lift the product and user experience. Beso Beach knows exactly why we’re so passionate about wood packaging solutions and has chosen us to supply the perfume caps of their Bendito Beso (Holy Kiss) line.

The simple and smooth cap delivers a warm, yet polished appearance, fully conveying a passionate and ecologically conscious perfume.

Our team not only possesses a broad experience and a solid career in premium-class perfume products but an innovative R&D department. Contact us to learn more about our wood packaging solutions.

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