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Pujolasos paves the path for a greener Earth

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Pujolasos is committed to the transformation of the beauty industry, pushing for circular economic businesses that protect and recover the environment. That is why the company is more than happy to partner with Plant-for-the-Planet to plant and restore 1 trillion trees worldwide. It is so deeply involved in the program, that it has officially become a Beauty Promoter to achieve a much greener and more sustainable market.

The collaboration will let its customers get involved as well so that we can reduce the world's carbon footprint together. In addition, customers will be able to adjust the initiative to their specific objectives or business needs. Pujolasos will accompany you every step of the way, through a website platform created exclusively for you with the help of Plant-for-the-Planet.

Will you join us in replanting 1 trillion trees?

Contact us for more details.

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