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Pujolasos chose wood to do good

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Wood is Pujolasos' raw material of choice because of its extreme versatility. With it, the company has been able to create and develop a wide variety of packaging solutions for the beauty industry; from premium caps to sustainable and unique containers, the company's innovations have proven to be effective, eco-friendly, and still look amazing.

Interestingly enough, some customers have been surprised to discover that the weight of Pujolasos' wooden caps is substantially lighter than those made of other materials. However, less weight is not synonymous with lower quality or a lack of luxury; a clear example would be silk. And for us, wood. In Pujolasos we have strived to reconfigure the market and provide a sustainable and environmentally responsible products that look and feel like the high-quality solutions that they are.

In today's line of thought, the more sustainable a product, the more compelled buyers will be to choose it among a shelf of similar objects. This wood caps and jars are lighter, which means they require less CO2 to transport, they're made of bio materials, and they perform with no issues.

Contact us to learn more about our portfolio and how wood can change your product for good.

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