An organic cap for a sustainable perfume

  • Pujolasos

At Pujolasos we are always proud to see how projects that entrusted us during their beginnings grow stronger and become success stories. And we're happy to say fragrance and cosmetic producer MAAR is a perfect example. The Spanish brand is fully committed to the environment, which is why it only works with natural ingredients, is 100% vegan, and only works with recyclable or refillable packaging.

Because they refuse to work with any type of single-use material, they chose our Woork® cap system on every single one of their perfumes. Woork® is Pujolasos' 100% organic cap made of wood and cork, entirely free of adhesives and plastics, it is one of the best recyclable packaging solutions in our portfolio. As sustainable legislation keeps pushing the boundaries of the packaging industry, we're happy to help more brands reach their sustainability goals.

Feel inspired? Contact us now and learn how wood can elevate your products to today's standards.

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