Woodle®: Easy to separate, easy to recycle

  • Pujolasos

Woodle® is one Pujolasos' longest-standing patented innovations, and there's a reason for it: We're talking about a perfectly polished wooden cap with a recycled plastic interior that protects formulas from foreign contamination.

What's so special? Well, this packaging solution was carefully crafted to work with an easy-to-use system that allows any user to separate the materials after use, so both components can be properly recycled. Unlike most natural wood caps and closures, Woodle® optimally preserves any type of cosmetic products and still lends itself to full recyclability.

As always, Pujolasos is committed to helping and protecting the environment, which is why Woodle® has PEFC® & FSC® wood certification. Want to learn more? Contact the team now and learn how you can switch plastic for wood and enhance your company's commitment to the planet.

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