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Pujolasos adds the definitive natural top for The Body Shop's new perfume

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At Pujolasos we are thrilled with the outcome of The Body Shop's new range of perfumes and fragrances made with 90% natural ingredients and certified by The Vegan Society.

As more and more brands shift towards sustainable and natural ingredients for their formulas, it's only reasonable they also aim to find packaging solutions that match their green initiatives. And that is exactly what The Body Shop did when it came to us looking to add the definitive natural touch to the final product.

That is why we crowned the bottle with Woork®, our patented cork and wood cap. To give it an even more unique and personal touch, we added the brand logo using high-definition laser engraving.

What do you think of the result? Looking for your own wood closure? Contact our team now and find the best natural solution for your product.

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