Like Father Like Son Celebrates Family Roots with Pujolasos' Wood Caps

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When Spanish brand El Ganso developed a new fragrance specifically designed for fathers and sons, they wanted to depict this unique bond through a simple concept: family roots. That's exactly why they knew they needed to anchor the concept to a particular material: wood.

Pujolasos was approached soon after as El Ganso was after a polished and elegant solution that conveyed the brand's classic, yet modern identity through a packaging solution that would stay true to the product's development. Like Father Like Son is a vegan fragrance with 97% biodegradable components and natural ingredients. The cap, the crowning jewel of the bottle, needed to reflect all these characteristics. 

Like Father Like Son Celebrates Family Roots with Pujolasos Wood Caps

As per usual, Pujolasos delivered a beautiful round cap with visible wood grains that perfectly lined up with the fragrance's identity.

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