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Pujolasos designs and produces exceptional wood caps for luxury packaging. The company has established its expertise throughout its almost 50 years of practice in the business, allowing it to advise clients, from the first stages - such as early concept and design - to the manufacturing and finishes.

Packaging is a key element in the perfume industry: it's impossible to sell a scent without drawing a customer's attention to the bottle first. Perfume packaging is the fundamental communication element between brands and customers, it's the universal language that transmits both values and sensations, that projects desires and aspirations… Naturally, it is essential to know your way around packaging design, to choose the appropriate materials and ensure an exceptional presentation.

The feel, durability, and quality assurance offered by each material are decisive factors when it comes to decision-making. Pujolasos, an international reference in wood packaging for the premium sector, offers its clients unique advice, helping to determine the most suitable materials for a specific product and its respective features. Some of the most powerful brands in this competitive industry have already placed their trust in Pujolasos' work, including Puig, Rituals, Loewe and Boho Cosmetics, among many others.

Contact Pujolasos now and elevate your fragrance's storytelling like you've never done before.

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