Be Distintictive. Add Wood.

  • Pujolasos

The Dries Van Noten perfume features a distinctive design element that sets it apart: a luxurious wood touch covering half of the bottle. ​

This innovative choice adds a tactile and visual dimension to the fragrance while evoking a sense of elegance and maturity that conveys the natural musk of the fragrance.​ 

The smooth, polished wood complements the perfume's composition and its 91% naturally derived ingredients, enhancing its overall storytelling.

“In Dries’ world, antagonistic elements are combined to create surprise. This fragrance is like a light and dark olfactive pattern of fresh green leaves of clary sage aromatics rubbing against the woody leaves of patchouli.”

This unique design reflects the Pujolasos' unique ability to play with wood and insert it organically into packaging designs to fully develop a concept that creates a sensorial experience and gives shape to a scent.

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