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The perfect perfume bottle

Beauty packaging developer Quadpack has gathered together a variety of resources in order to provide brand owners with a way to create the perfect perfume bottle for their needs.

Stylish, subtle, lively, distinguished...a scent can allow a person to be whomever he/she wishes to be. Choosing a fragrance is an emotional issue, with packaging a key decision making factor.

The current trend is to get back to basics, with simple, geometric shapes, though more attention is being paid to small details and decoration. The use of charms or wooden accessories gives the consumer a perception of exclusivity and luxury.

A solid foundation

Any decent building needs to be constructed on a solid foundation. In the same way, fragrances need to be offered in an appropriate bottle, the starting point for all other concerns.

Quadpack offers a wide variety of perfume bottles from Italian perfumery specialist Premi, with a selection that ranges from classic shapes and slim vials to avant-garde formats for niche brands like children’s scents.

In these times of hyper-mobility, Quadpack has also introduced attractive options for solid and roll-on perfumes, along with compact travel-sized bottles for spray, roll-on and regular dispensing.

Charming accessories

One or two carefully chosen decorative elements can make a fragrance bottle truly reflect the individuality of a product. Quadpack company Spirit designs beautiful charms that hang from the neck of the bottle - offering consumers a desirable keepsake that differentiates a brand.

Spirit’s design team can create a charm based on a logo or any shape desired, using a variety of materials, finishes and ties, to match the personality of the brand. Heart shapes and diamantés bestow a feminine allure, while simple acronyms add elegance and class.

A natural touch

A rising trend is the use of materials with a sensory appeal, like wood or soft-touch finishes. Besides the sense of smell, the sense of touch adds to the emotional experience of the product.

Technotraf, a Quadpack company, develops luxury wooden caps and components that offer the satisfying "touch and feel" increasingly sought after by leading perfumery brands. Wood is especially attractive as a sustainable material: Technotraf sources its wood from PEFC managed forests. Above all, however, wood adds a bit of luxury to a perfume bottle. It is perceived as a high value detail that adds dignity to a brand.

Whether woody or spicy, heady or floral, the packaging requirements for a fragrance in today’s market is clear. Combining a simple shape with a custom charm and a beautifully-crafted wooden cap just might be the key to creating the perfect perfume bottle.


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