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Manufacturing Division expansion reflects corporate growth

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A new production line has been installed at the Quadpack Plastics injection-moulding plant to manage the increased volume of acrylic jar manufacture. Quadpack’s Manufacturing Division now has a combined production capacity of 170 million items a year, including the Quadpack Wood and Quadpack Impressions facilities.

Since establishing the Spain-based Manufacturing Division in 2013, output has steadily risen, reflecting the growth of the company. A policy of continued investment has ensured plant expansion, automation and improvements in facilities and processes. Some 20 per cent of Quadpack’s output is manufactured in-house, a figure which is set to rise over the coming years.

The Manufacturing Division is a key part of the company’s hybrid business model. This model gives Quadpack a level of flexibility which other manufacturers lack, being able to source products from around the world. At the same time, it allows it to offer a competitive edge to clients through its own specialised manufacture, unlike sourcing-only operations.

A €2m investment budget has been assigned for the current year, of which the 250tn production line at Quadpack Plastics is part. Further investment will focus on an increase in production capacity at the Quadpack Wood factory, with new CNC milling, wood-turning, planing and sanding lines, with a view to doubling its capacity by 2020.


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Sustainability is a long-term commitment with innovation, transparency and change. As a packaging manufacturer and provider, Quadpack is directing the sustainable transformation of its portfolio through its ‘positive-impact packaging’ strategy. By using data-based assessment tools to measure products’ carbon footprint, circularity and other key performance indicators, the strategy brings more accountability to Quadpack’s sustainable innovations.

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As Sustainability and Innovation are key priorities for Quadpack and the global consumer market, the organisation feels the responsibility to work with supply partners from all regions to establish a new way of doing business, where collaboration is the new competition. On November 13, 2019, Quadpack held a dedicated suppliers’ conference on Sustainability and Innovation in Hong Kong to facilitate this new era of partnerships. Held during the 2019 edition of Cosmopack Asia, in attendance were Quadpack’s top 20 Asia supply partners.

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