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Quadpack’s Wood Box gives a natural and premium effect to skincare treatments.

Great skin is all about healthy habits. “Cleanse, tone and moisturise” is the mantra behind a successful beauty routine, although there’s always a personal touch to it. Eco-friendly, premium and niche brands can make skincare feel special with products made from materials like wood, glass, and PCR plastic, closing the loop of sustainable beauty.

Quadpack offers a range of products with wooden caps, which elevates the senses and transforms every skincare routine into a pleasant moment. Discover our selection:

  • Tube with Wooden Cap: Available in PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic) and PE (polyethylene), it’s perfect for creams, masks and scrubs, offering both green and premium features to the most demanding consumers.
  • Liquid Foundation Bottle with Dropper: This transversal glass bottle is ideal for make-up and skincare formulas. It’s a great solution for the second step of beauty routines, thanks to its mechanism of dosage control.
  • Glass Cylindrical Jar: A classic and elegant shape to hold moisturisers and creams, it fits perfectly with the wooden cap, available in many colours.

All packs resonate with our sustainable product development strategy. Our wooden caps all use raw materials sourced from sustainably-managed forests and are manufactured by Quadpack Wood in Spain. All packs can be customised and decorated with different techniques by Quadpack in Europe.

Contact your sales representative for further information.


* Products sold separately. Box not available in catalogue – contact our Secondary Packaging team and ask for a bespoke quote.


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