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Recycled PET dip-in pack for glittery lip gloss

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Quadpack customises its Gala dip-in pack with The Elegant applicator for Si Si La Paillette’s new Gloss Pailleté

French beauty brand Si Si La Paillette believes that life is more beautiful with glitter. It is on a mission to help people shine, without polluting the planet. Its plant-based glitter is biodegradable and cruelty-free, with over 99% ingredients of natural origin. For its first ever lip gloss, it partnered with Quadpack, to develop a packaging solution that reflected its values. The Gala dip-in pack was paired with The Elegant applicator, to ensure the perfect delivery, enhance the user experience and convey the brand’s joyful identity.

Si Si La Paillette appeals to a young audience: Millennials and Generation Z with a zest for life and a love for the natural world. Its new Gloss Pailleté comes in two variants: Holo Disco, a glittery transparent shade with holographic reflections; and Rubis Chéri, a brick red hue with rose gold touches that suits all skin tones. The brand chose the 4.5ml Gala bottle for its strong silhouette, luxury look and recyclable materials. Gala is made of recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and Si Si La Paillette opted to include 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material in the bottle, to further reduce environmental impact.

Quadpack’s mix-and-match strategy means that Gala comes with a choice of applicators. The brand tried out various options and selected The Elegant, a rigid and precise tool. The thick, glittery formula requires an abundant amount of product to be applied to the lips. The Elegant features a central reservoir that holds exactly the right quantity to ensure full coverage. The doe foot-shaped tip makes it easy to trace the lips’ contours.

To provide the finishing touch, the branding was silk-screened onto the clear bottle in silver, topped off with a white cap. Si Si La Paillette is happy with the final result. It said: “Being our first lip gloss, clear information and processes made it easy to work with Quadpack. The team was always available and very responsive!”

Gloss Pailleté is available from the brand’s boutique store in Paris, France, and retail outlets worldwide.

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