Application innovation: impactful delivery systems to apply liquid formulas

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Quadpack takes makeup and skincare to the next level with a comprehensive range of exclusive applicators to complement its dip-in packs

Applicators are booming. Driven by high-profile celebrity launches and new trends in liquid formulations, beauty brands are looking for packs that allow perfect application. Quadpack is ahead of the game, with a complete range of dip-in packs with matching applicators that fulfil just about every need. These impactful delivery systems are the work of Quadpack’s Creative Hub, leveraging in-house talent in collaboration with innovation partners. Through market studies, trend analysis, consumer feedback, technical expertise and a creative mindset, the applicators are distinguished by a blend of functionality and sensoriality. The growing selection includes tried-and-tested favourites, as well as exclusive, patented designs that take makeup and skincare to the next level.

Category Specialist Mateia Crippa said: “The classic flocked applicators are evolving. Among our collection of applicators, brands will discover new designs that add value to the formula and boost the consumer experience. We have original shapes inspired by nature. We also have metal designs that offer a cold-touch effect. They all add a touch of creativity to formula application.”

Thanks to our mix-and-match strategy, we are able to support new habits with a reduced investment for the brand.

The mix-and-match system for dip-in solutions has two simple steps: first, choose the bottle, then, match the applicator. Highlights among Quadpack’s patented applicators include:

Flocked applicators matched with Skin-Up Bottle:

•  Centered – A leaf-shaped tip contains a central reservoir for excellent formula release. Its wiped, pillowy-soft surface allows smooth and easy access to the lip contours. Suitable for both high- and low-viscosity formulations.

•  360 – This facial applicator has a rounded tip on a flexible, elliptical neck, its curved edge gliding effortlessly over facial contours. Four loading zones and a spot application tip allow for full application without re-dipping. Perfect for liquid foundations and concealers.

•  Sorbet Touch – Designed for low-viscosity foundation and blush, Sorbet Touch allows drip-free loading and carrying to the lips and face. Soft and flexible, its finger-shaped structure enables stress-free swiping, blending and high-definition application.

•  Kimono – Multiple loading zones apply the correct amount of foundation or concealer onto the desired areas – no re-dipping required! It comes with a rounded tip for quick blending along contours and a spatula-shaped surface for manoeuvrability.

Flocked applicators matched with Gala Lip Gloss:

•  Quadzone – This rigid applicator has a precise tip and blending features, for highly-defined lip lines and controlled application. Four loaded zones ensure a smooth layer of colour and an equal product distribution. Ideal for highly-pigmented and buildable formulas.

•  Crush – Wide and flexible, Crush allows quick and effortless application of lip gloss. Its spoon shape has a double-sided reservoir to create a heavy coat, maintaining balance during application. Ideal for layering looks with a top coat and base.

•  Ace – Apply intense colours without fear! Precise and flexible, this short applicator glides right over the lips, depositing a veil of opaque colour. Its concave, angled reservoir allows the colour to ‘pour’ onto the tip to delineate the lips with ease.

•  Dicot – Designed for low-viscosity lip gloss and lip oils, the product is squeezed out from the reservoir without spilling, in a fun, yet comforting gesture. A wide application face gives even coverage, while a defining tip allows precision on the lip contours.

•  Sorbet Kiss – This soft applicator feels like a gentle kiss on the skin. A plush, slanted tip glides onto lips and cheeks for easy blending. A high-volume reservoir transfers low-viscosity formulas without dripping, allowing colour to be built up in layers.

The collection already has over 40 applicators, matched with a wide range of bottles, with more still to come. For those with specific needs, Quadpack offers the possibility to customise existing applicators and develop entirely new ones.

Need help? Check out our guide on choosing an applicator or contact your sales representative for a consultation.

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