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    No messing with spill-free solution

    • RPC Promens
    Home Care, Primary Packaging, Secondary Packaging, Active, Smart Packaging, Plastic, 500 - 999.99 L

    RPC Sæplast has introduced a spill-resistant version of its top-selling 660L PE container, ideal for the handling of products suspended in liquid or semi-fluid matter.

    The new model features a raised edge and a silicone gasket in the lid, which ensures a mess-free fit. The smart joint design reduces the risk of cross contamination and the tailor- made lid delivers a tighter seal that keeps liquid contents intact for cleaner and safer handling during processing, transfer and storage.

    In addition, the gasket can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced, and an optional drain plate is available that facilitates easy drainage of fluids and prevent formation of clogs and blockages.

    Like all variants in the range, the 660L is manufactured in durable, hard-wearing polyethylene with a triple-wall construction that is strong enough to withstand the harsh environments, changes in temperature and frequent washdowns that characterise food processing plants and warehouses. The ergonomic design combines optimum hygiene, including smooth surfaces for easy cleaning, with ease of handling.

    As well as being reusable, all containers in the RPC Sæplast PE range are fully recyclable. Containers can be branded with company logos. A standard imprinted serial number provides ready product identification and traceability, which can be further enhanced by various additional tracking options such as a barcode, QR code or RFID tag.

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    Proof of the continuing superiority of double walled large containers over their single skin alternatives for food storage applications has been underlined by recent research carried out by the University of Iceland in conjunction with RPC Sæplast. Dr Björn Margeirsson, Research Manager at RPC Sæplast and Assistant Professor at the University of Iceland together with three of his students performed an ice melt study, comparing the Sæplast 70-L PUR container, with and without a lid, with 70-L single walled PE boxes.

    First scientific tests prove HDPE’s recycling properties

    ESE World has carried out the first practical experiment to demonstrate that HDPE can be recycled at least 10 times and further processed under controlled conditions. The company has been the leader in the use of recycled plastics for the manufacture of containers for waste and recyclables for over 30 years. Its advanced procedures and processes in the cleaning, additives and processing of the material enables ESE to make products from recycled plastics with the same quality as virgin material.

    Five litre D50 container from RPC Promens Industrial Theeßen is a winning combination

    The versatility and practicality of the five litre D50 container from RPC Promens Industrial Theeßen for both liquid and solid products are contributing to growing demand across a wide range of end-markets. The D50 can be specified with a choice of neck sizes – 45, 61, 80 and 91mm – and closures, enabling companies to tailor the container according to their precise needs and the characteristics of their products.

    The Essential Choice for Agrochemical Solutions

    RPC Promens Montpont has enhanced its containers for the Agrochemicals market to offer one of the most comprehensive ranges that is able to satisfy the varying needs of this diverse sector. As well as a choice of sizes – 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1litre and 5 litres – the containers can now be specified in mono HDPE as well as co-extruded PE/PA and PE/EVOH (except 100ml), providing a number of different options to meet the individual characteristics and protection requirements of different chemical formulae.

    Sæplast containers go a 'Round' the world

    RPC Sæplast is introducing a range of round storage containers into the European and American markets that combine easy handling with optimum product quality during processing. Initially developed in cooperation with the company's customers in Asia, the new round tubs, available in 600 and 660 litre sizes, represent a departure from the more traditional insulated container design, while still offering effective protection and ease of use for a wide range of food products.

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