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    Quality and functionality from ice-cream pack

    • RPC Superfos

    The high quality, user-friendliness and eye-catching decoration of the sleek EasySnacking™ pot from RPC Superfos are key factors in its selection for a new range of ice-creams from Russian manufacturer Taice.

    Thanks to In-Mould Labelling, it is possible to show the texture of the ice cream in razor-sharp photo quality on the packaging. This is complemented by the striking purple colour of the lid that catches the consumer’s attention. Overall this smart look of the EasySnacking pot makes the product stand out on shelf.

    In addition to these powerful colours and smooth design lines, the integral spoon of the handy EasySnacking pot is a key feature for Taice. The spoon is neatly separated from the ice cream, and easy to grasp under a tear-off label in the lid. Taice made the vital packaging decision in collaboration with Denis Komarov, the company representative at UnipakCentr.

    “The Taice ice cream is of excellent quality so it was important to find a packaging solution on a matching quality level,” he explains. “In the EasySnacking pot, we found what we were looking for. We value the entire packaging solution, but the spoon deserves a special mention. It is sturdy, convenient and perfectly in tune with consumer demand for an easy sweet treat.”

    Taice is a new player in the Russian ice-cream market. The delicious varieties – including blackcurrant, raspberry, cherry, chocolate, strawberry and sweet condensed milk – are sold to end-users through food markets, cinemas, pizzerias and gas stations.

    “People who have enjoyed the Taice ice-cream from the EasySnacking pot tell us that they like it very much,” concludes Denis Komarov. “We do get a lot of positive feedback, both in respect of the quality and taste of the ice cream, and in respect of the packaging solution.”

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