SFA Designs Tailor-Made Packaging for Koppert Cress

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After years of using thermoform packaging, horticulturist Koppert Cress has transitioned to a unique, ultra-thin, transparent injection-moulded packaging that has been tailormade in collaboration with SFA Packaging from Middelharnis.

Based in the Westland region of the Netherlands, Koppert Cress grows cresses (tiny freshly sprouted aromatic plants). With their cresses, Koppert Cress is continuously looking for natural and innovative ingredients that chefs can use to intensify the flavour, aroma and presentation of their dishes.

These plants offer a freshness and intensity in flavour and aroma that can only be found in young plants. All this requires innovative packaging that provides the plants with both the best presentation and optimal protection from external factors.

Tailor-Made for Koppert Cress

A New Design

When the company needed to design a new box for the blue tubs in which the cresses are presented, they had the idea to develop a packaging in which the blue tubs would fit perfectly, and which would provide the best presentation of the cresses. This was quite the challenging task, as the size of both the blue tubs and the box containing the tubs was fixed.

At SFA packaging, we enjoy a challenge, and innovation is one of our core values. In this case we had to come up with something special. And we did! For example, the side of the packaging is open so the edge of the blue tubs can be seen. The top is slanted, creating a kind of roofing tile construction for the edge of the seal. Once the design was ready, 3D-models were made to test the packaging lines in practice.

Would you like to request a sample? You can! If you need customised packaging, anything is possible at SFA Packaging! Contact us now and get started.

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