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We’re proud to announce that our recent collaboration with JOZO, aimed at redesigning the iconic salt shaker, has attracted the attention of one of the most influential publications in the packaging industry: US trade magazine PACKWORLD. This recognition not only marks a significant milestone for us at SFA Packaging, but also highlights our tireless commitment to sustainability, innovation and the power of collaboration. This news article explores the story behind this successful transformation and the impact it’s having on the industry.

American trade journal embraces sustainable breakthrough

Leading publication in the packaging industry, PACKWORLD, has put the innovative JOZO salt shaker in the spotlight as an example of sustainable innovation. This recognition highlights the growing importance of sustainability initiatives within the sector. The article also recognises SFA Packaging’s pioneering role in developing solutions that not only meet current needs, but that are also future-proof.

“JOZO’s requirements for the package were that it be 100% recyclable, feature high print quality, and include an optimized closure that would enhance consumer ease of us”. Says Alexander Heinsdijk MBA, business development and marketing manager for SFA, the challenge SFA faced was developing a package that was both sustainable and highly attractive.“ Switching to a mono-material package was the obvious way to go,” he says.

Why JOZO’s Salt Shaker Is a Gamechanger in the Packaging Industry

The secret behind the success of the JOZO salt shaker lies in the harmony between shape and functionality. The 100% polypropylene shaker, including the innovative in-mould label, sets a new standard for recyclability. With this design, SFA Packaging shows that it’s possible to produce packaging that’s both functional and fully recyclable, without compromising on quality or aesthetics. This is an important step towards realising a circular economy in the packaging industry.

NextCycle Technology: A Leap Forwards in Recyclability

At the heart of this innovation is NextCycle technology, developed in collaboration with MCC Verstraete. This technology allows the in-mould label to detach from the shaker during recycling, resulting in a purer PP recyclate. This pioneering process addresses one of the most pressing challenges in plastic packaging recycling and marks significant progress on the path to a closed circular economy.

SFA and JOZO: Joining Forces in Circular Solutions

The successful redevelopment of the JOZO salt shaker is a testament to what is possible when two companies join forces with a shared vision on sustainability and innovation. From the initial design to final production, the teams at SFA and JOZO worked closely together to ensure that every aspect of the salt shaker met the highest sustainability standards. This collaboration between SFA Packaging and JOZO goes beyond creating a product; it’s a partnership that’s shaping the future of our industry. You can read more about the collaboration with JOZO in this project.

Looking for Innovative Packaging?

At SFA, we are committed to creating innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that are not only good for the environment, but also improve the operational efficiency of your business. If you’re inspired by this story and would like to know more about how at SFA Packaging we’re continuing to push the boundaries of sustainability and design, get in touch with us today. So that, together, we can create revolutionary packaging solutions for your products.

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