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If you have a new food product or brand that needs packaging, or if you simply need to renew existing packaging, the SFA Packaging team is your ideal partner to design and develop the perfect solution to get your name on the shelves. The company fully customizes the packaging to your needs, taking everything into account, from design to technology and usability.

Customization Possibilities

Custom solutions from SFA Packaging are completely tailored to your product's needs. The company confidently offers 100% recyclable tubs, buckets, shakers, and trays with a variety of matching possibilities:

  • Tamper-evident sealing/closing seals
  • Mono-material sets
  • Waterproof solutions

High-Quality Printing

At SFA Packaging, we use In Mould Labelling for packaging printing. This means we incorporate the printing directly into the plastic, giving the packaging a high-quality look and ensuring the printing is always correctly positioned and protected. The labels are perfectly placed, and the ink is food-approved. The printing possibilities are endless, and the lack of glues and adhesives makes the packs more sustainable and ready to recycle.

The Customization Process

Once we have a clear picture of your requirements for the packaging, we start the design phase. We consider the manufacture of the design, creating a prototype, and the moulds. Then we move to the feasibility phase, determining whether the developed shape is technically feasible within the injection moulding process and carefully considering the technical aspects. The real work starts with the production phase. We stay closely involved in the production process to ensure that the packaging is seamlessly incorporated into the production line.

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