Silgan Dispensing Systems

Silgan Dispensing Systems

Silgan Dispensing is your packaing partner that delivers the insight, expertise, innovation and agility you need to create a better experience. Our broad portfolio and tailored approach allow us to bring you solutions that solve your specific challenges while still meeting the high expectations of your customers.

Beauty and Personal Care

Enhanced experiences for distinct rituals

Across the globe, consumers participate in beauty rituals that are deeply rooted in their culture. Their distinct desires and expectations for the dispensing experience require a higher level of sophistication in packaging solutions.

At Silgan Dispensing, our insight into global beauty rituals allows us to design and deliver products that support consumer preference for each of your target markets. And, our global platform means you’ll not only connect to your consumers at every touch—you’ll also do it swiftly.


Infuse more emotion into the experience

At Silgan Dispensing, we understand that fragrance is more than scent. It’s a product that stimulates memory, influences mood and delivers a deeply personal experience. Our approach to fragrance dispensing takes these emotional attributes into consideration—drawing the eye to attractive decorative details and concealing functional ones.

From the contours of the bottle to the pattern of the spray, our dispensing solutions support the emotional experience your consumers are after.




Give patients better results

In healthcare, dispensing isn’t just about getting medication out of the bottle. It’s about getting your product to the shelf, and getting your patients on the road to recovery.

We go to great lengths to protect and preserve your formulation through state-of-the art engineering. At the same time, we make sure your customers can easily and reliably dispense the right dose. Our meticulous approach to pharmaceutical dispensing enables us to give your brand and your patients better results.

Home & Garden

Innovative dispensing that hits home

From cleaning counters to combating weeds, home and garden brands have to meet consumers’ high expectations if they want to remain in the home. Those expectations begin with an easy and effective dispensing experience.

At Silgan Dispensing, we bring together consumer insight and engineering expertise to create solutions that hit the mark. From trigger sprayers, aerosols and hose-end and battery-operated sprayers, our solutions deliver outstanding performance to deepen consumers’ bond with your brand.