Singulus Offers A Greener and More Effective Way to Metallize Hinge Closures

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Metallized coatings for hinges usually come with their fair share of problems and age poorly, from their tendency towards cracking paint to their impact on the environment. Singulus Technologies has developed a proprietary process to metalize hinge closures without these problems and in a more eco-friendly manner.

Never satisfied with only solving part of the problem, Singulus has developed four new technologies with its new greener metallization coating process.

Long-Lasting Metallization

When a hinge closure or another type of flexible plastic component is metallized, most coatings begin to crack or flake.

Singulus’ new process coats the hinge while preventing damage to the coating. The finished product looks sleek, modern, and clean without degradation such as flaking or cracking.

Compatibility with Eco-Friendly PCR Plastics

Many brands are interested in updating their product lines to be more eco-friendly but struggle with unexpected limitations. One of the downsides of using PCR plastic are limited options for colors.

To better serve eco-friendly brands, Singulus’ metallizing process is compatible with PCR plastics. Since the nano-thin eco-friendly aluminum layer optically covers the plastic substrate color, black and other blended PCR plastics are suitable for use with this technology. The gentle eco-friendly coating process does not degrade the substrate plastic properties.

In-Line Laser Decoration

The metallized coatings from Singulus are designed to accept all forms of print decoration. Now, Laser Decoration can be done “in-line”, increasing efficiency while looking great.

Decorating your brand’s packs with laser etching gives a more unique look, while also having the added benefit of being much more eco-friendly than traditional inks.

Laser printing and marking can be integrated as an option on the flexible Singulus Decoline II coater or the printing can be completed as a secondary operation off-line.

Ability to Control Metal Thicknesses

With Singulus, brands have the ability to control metal thicknesses evenly across a part surface. This is done with a computer controlled sputtering process that gives you the ultimate management of your production line.

Since the metallic thickness is precisely controlled, brands can choose how to allow light to come through for special applications, including semi-transparent coatings, candle jar glass, electronics, and more.

This enhanced control offers several benefits including:

  • Utilizing eco-friendly and plentiful aluminum (as opposed to precious metals that some other metallizing processes require)
  • A thinner layer of metal can be utilized that will work with plastic Infrared sorting scanners. As world-wide robotic scanning of waste materials are more widely used this will become useful, giving the machines the ability to recycle some metallized products. This thickness is over 1,000 times that of traditional labels, adding to its ability to be recycled.
  • The metal can be applied thin enough to be visually translucent. This can give the product designer options that are either difficult or impossible to create with other decorating techniques such as electroplating, traditional metallizing, or aluminum anodizing

Singulus Technologies develops innovative technologies for a sustainable world. Their environmentally-conscious processes include coating technology, surface treatment and wet-chemical, and thermal production processes.

Contact Singulus Technologies to learn more about how its new Metallization Hinge Technology can enhance your brand.

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