Sustainable and Eco-friendly Colored Coatings for PET & Glass Possible with Singulus Technologies

The DECOLINE II from Singulus Technologies makes stunning inline coating of 3D parts possible - while being both highly efficient and green!

Worldwide production including North America will start early Q2 2022 with a capability of up to 90mm OD by 130mm height available in Europe mid Q2 2022. Components up to 68mm OD and 130mm tall can be coated.

Decoration Possibilities

Four basic metallic colors are available:

  • Bronze-gold
  • Blue
  • Violet
  • Green-gold

Design with Colors

The coating designs can be simple or intricate. Up to 4 colors are possible on a single component surface to make designs eye-catching. Complex geometries will generally have at least two-color tones.

Safe, Durable, and Long-Lasting

These coatings are safe enough to be used for medical implants. This includes Titaniu, whether in pure form, oxidized, or as a nitride. The coatings are categorized by the FDA as GRAS.

The Ideal substrates are clear PET & Glass and bright metals such as aluminum. Harder substrates do NOT require under-coatings since Titanium OxyNitride is a ceramic. Softer substrates such as ABS and PC can be UV lacquer treated to enhance durability.

The coating is a very hard ceramic (inorganic) so normal wear and tear will not damage the coating.

Extremely eco-friendly

The coating process from the Singulus DECOLINE II allows brands to make their products shine while remaining very eco-friendly.

For most substrates, no solvents, chemicals, or organic coatings are needed. The energy required for the coating process is lower than anodizing, lacquering, or plating. Additionally, nano-thin coating has far less coating material compared to an ink-printed barcode.

Recyclable for Many Packaging Applications

Packaging solutions coated with are still recyclable. After remelting of recycled glass, the unmeasurable amounts of titanium have no effect on mechanical or optical properties of re-cast glass.

APR (recycling) certification for translucent coated PET is expected in Q2 2022 to further the recycling capabilities.

The Technical Details

  • Translucent coating thickness is under 25 nanometers (less than 10 atomic layers)
  • Base Titanium coating can be built up to achieve opacity over non-clear substrates
  • Titanium undercoat can also be used to improve durability on softer plastics (ABS, PC)
  • Clear substrates allow for the most vibrant coating colors (achieved by the lack of color absorption)
  • Hard substrates such as glass and metal are ideal and only require a plasma pre-treatment
  • Polyolefins (PP, PE, HDPE) will often require an undercoat such as a UV-cure lacquer
  • Although not required, clear or tinted overcoats can be used if desired for certain applications
  • Most print and ink technologies are compatible - Can also be laser removed or etched
  • Rapid processing time of up to 90 parts per minute with the Singulus Polycoater 68 or 90!

Interested in achieving stunning results while remaining eco-friendly? Contact Singulus Technologies today to learn more about the DECOLINE II!

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